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We are decorating your film set exactly

Who we are

We love adventure related to every new project where we can help with film set decoration, props, etc. As you can see below we collaborated on some major movies.

Why we are here

With great demand for filming in Europe we built the expert team so we can provide
in the longterm horizont a professional solution
from A to Z.

How it starts

Are you seeking someone who will decorate your set exactly as you wish so you can build up your scene? Just pick up the phone and ask for more details.

This is What We Do.

Filming Process


We will meet you and discuss all your ideas and ways to implement it.


Our team starts to look for all the necessary equipment and prepare it for transport to the set.


This is our favourite part. We are doing our best to perfectly materialize your vision and ensure smooth runnig of shooting.


After filming, we will make sure that the set returns to its original state to the satisfaction of all participants.

Here We Are at Work

We are proud to be part of such great projects.

Here are some pictures to swipe.

Why Us?

Because we’ve been working in this field since 1999, that’s more than 20 years with Czech and abroad clients so we have good base of different skills, knowledge and contacts, so we can give you top level results. Everybody in our team love his job and have possitive approach.

We also have our own storage space with a wide range of props and our own freight transport.

Our goal is to ensure the smooth running of projects, and to be able to solve everything quickly and efficiently. We place particular emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Trusted by the Best

Here is only small selection of our clients because the total number is equal to hundrets.

Get in Touch

Leave us a message or just send us your contact and we will respond you as soon as possible.

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